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Science Education Coordinator

Betsy LeongI'm Betsy Leong, Secondary Science Education Coordinator.

As a Wheaton Alumna and graduate of the science secondary education program in 2007, I am honored and excited to be back at Wheaton. I love science, a lot. I also love teaching, a lot. Having taught ninth grade Biology and Physical Science for 6 years. I am excited to be sharing my love of both with our students.*

Students who choose the Science Teacher Education major and/or the Master of Arts in Teaching program will study with award winning faculty in both the science department of their choice and the Wheaton Department of Education. You will also be given opportunities for grants, scholarships, and research in both your field of science and education.

Wheaton is among the group of 50 liberal arts colleges that produce the best science graduates in the nation. I am here to ensure that you are successful during your time at Wheaton and to help you navigate your way into a classroom once you graduate. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Welcome to Wheaton.


Betsy Leong
Science Center Room 208