Biology Courses

The goals of the Wheaton College Biology Department are to introduce students to the concepts and role of biology as an integrative science, to help them discover and interpret the characteristics of nature as part of God's creation, and to aid students in the development of both Christian and biological perspectives for their careers and practices as stewards of God's creation.

Biology at Wheaton CollegeIn keeping with these goals, the Biology Department offers a wide range of courses for both majors and non-majors. Please see the course catalog for detailed course descriptions.

BIOL 201. Principles of Biology. 

BIOL 241. Organization of Life: Genetics and Cell Biology

BIOL 242. Diversity of Life: An Introduction to Zoology and Botany. 

BIOL 243. Processes of Life: Ecology and Evolution. 

BIOL 252. Modeling the Systems of Life. 

BIOL 303. Contemporary Issues in Biology. 

BIOL 311. Reproductive Biotechnology. 

BIOL 312. Contemporary Environmental Issues. 

BIOL 314. Issues in Environmental Science. 

BIOL 315. Special Topics in Biology for General Education. 

BIOL 317x. Biomedical Ethics. 

BIOL 318. Global Health. 

BIOL 319. Introduction to Environmental Ethics. 

BIOL 321. Human Physiology. 

BIOL 331. Anatomy and Physiology I. 

BIOL 332. Anatomy and Physiology II. 

BIOL 336. Neurobiology. 

BIOL 341. Plant Physiology. 

BIOL 343. Plant Taxonomy. 

BIOL 344. Economic Botany. 

BIOL 352. Parasitology. 

BIOL 356. Genetics. 

BIOL 358. Techniques in Recombinant DNA. 

BIOL 362. Cell and Developmental Biology. 

BIOL 364. Microbiology and Immunology. 

BIOL 365. Marine Biology. 

BIOL 368. Invertebrate Zoology. 

BIOL 372. Field Zoology. 

BIOL 375. Introduction to Bioinformatics. 

BIOL 381. Public Health and Nutrition in Developing Areas. 

BIOL 382. Field Natural History. 

BIOL 385. Special Topics in Biology. 

BIOL 386. Special Topics in Biology. 

BIOL 421x. Basic Applications in Agronomy. See ENVR 421.

BIOL 461x. Biochemistry. See CHEM 461.

BIOL 494. The Integrated Biologist. 

BIOL 495. Biological Research

BIOL 496. Biology Internship. 

BIOL 497. Biology Research Seminar. 

BIOL 499. Biology Honors Research and Seminar.