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New for Fall 2019

ANTH 340: Global Islam

Dr. Yousaf Sadiq

This course will look at Islam through the lens of anthropology, considering Islam as it is practiced in a wide variety of socio-cultural contexts around the world. Special attention will be paid to Islam in diaspora communities outside majority Muslim countries, and the resulting questions of inter-religious dialog. Students who are interested in ministry in Muslim contexts, or Christian-Muslim relations generally, will particularly benefit from this course.

ANTH 432: Violence and Peace in Latin America

Dr. James Huff

This course draws on anthropological and social scientific research to examine how diverse organizational and social actors work to confront violence and strengthen peace in Latin America. Students will learn about the history of state, political and criminal violence in the late 20th
and early 21st centuries, and students will be introduced to the efforts of international justice and human rights activists and civil society and religious organizations to build more just, peaceful, and inclusive societies in Latin America.

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