Research Opportunities at Wheaton

Plasma Physics: Dr. Craig investigates the physical processes underlying plasma relaxation in a large, hot, toroidally confined plasma; the so-called the Madison Symmetric Torus.

The department offers a wide array of research opportunities on campus at Wheaton, described below. A list of past individual student involvement can be found here. 

Summer Research Program

Students can work full time for 10 weeks on a project with a Wheaton College faculty member during the summer. Students participating in this program receive on-campus housing and a stipend. Projects are in the areas of  which include astrophysics, astronomy, medical physics, philosophy of science, and . The physics department solicits applications for summer research in December. 

Independent Research

Students may do research under the supervision of a faculty member for credit by enrolling in PHYS 495. Projects must be approved by the physics department.

Hourly Research Assistant

Faculty with external grant funding or similar resources regularly hire student researchers to work on a paid hourly basis during the school year. See individual faculty for possible openings.

Honors Thesis

Students with a GPA of 3.70 in the major and 3.50 overall may complete an honors thesis and receive an honors designation on their transcript upon graduation. An approved research project is a central component of the honors program. A written thesis summarizing the research project and its conclusions must be completed and defended orally to receive the honors designation. Contact the department chair for more details.  List of past honors thesis projects.