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Fall 2021 Events

Spanish Devotional at 10:30am, Tuesday, October 12, 2021 Quad Lawn. Croissants and Coffee will be served!


Past Spring 2021 Events

Yoga in Spanish with Professor Bekah Johnson

I'll Push You Movie Night

French Game Night

Chinese Game Night                                                                                                                 

Farwell My Concubine-Chinese Movie Night



Chinese Language and Culture Club (CLACC)- Showcases and celebrates traditional Chinese culture and educate the campus community about it.

YouAi- YouAi (友·爱) is a monthly event, hosted jointly by the Chinese program and the Chinese Language and Culture Club, which aims to create an all-Chinese speaking environment, a mutual support network, and an interactive community among students of Chinese

Mandarin Table- Students meet in the cafeteria for casual conversation and Mandarin language practice over dinner once a week. Thursdays 6:30 - 7:30 pm (temporarily suspended due to COVID-19) Location: Anderson Commons dining hall (aka SAGA)

Old English Reading Group- Meets for an hour every Friday afternoon to read Old English texts together, with an emphasis on reading aloud and enjoying the beauty and the power of the literature in the original. This group uses heavily glossed texts, so there’s no need to have any prior experience with Old English (or any other language) in order to participate. Contact Dr. Benjamin Weber: 

French Table Conversation Club- Join your fellow francophiles in Anderson Commons for casual conversation and language practice over dinner at least once a week.

German Club (Der Deutsch Verein)- Designed to promote understanding and excitement for the German language and culture among members of the College community. Contact

Spanish Table- Led by a student with advanced skills, students meet in the cafeteria for casual conversation and language practice over dinner at least once a week. Any member of the campus community who is interested in using or improving language skills is welcome to join the group.

Sigma Delta Pi- Spanish honor society that promotes the study and scholarship of the Spanish language, always acknowledging Christ as their center and helper in the process.