Latin American and Latino Studies Cultural Opportunities and Resources

Opportunities to Practice Spanish on Campus

Mesa de Español

Looking for an opportunity to practice Spanish on campus? Speakers of all ability levels are welcome to have dinner at the Mesa de Español once a week in Anderson Commons for great conversation and fellowship. ¡Buen provecho!

Grupos de Conversación

Are you in a beginner or intermediate Spanish class? Come practice your Spanish skills by joining a weekly Spanish conversation group. Groups are led by students with advanced Spanish proficiency and a passion for helping others on their language journey.  

Opportunities to Connect with Latino Communities

Because Wheaton College is located in the Chicago suburbs, there are many local opportunities for students to connect with local Latino communities in and around Wheaton and the greater Chicago area.

  • Internship, Ministry, and Volunteer Opportunities - Both the LALS program and Wheaton’s Center for Vocation and Career (CVC) are frequently made aware of internship, employment, and ministry opportunities that require all levels of Spanish proficiency. Contact a professor or the CVC for more information.
  • Worship in Spanish-speaking Churches - Students may access our list of welcoming local Spanish-speaking churches.