Phase 2: Apply to IDS.

Phase 2: Apply to IDS.

The IDS program accepts applications each quad (the deadline is the Friday two weeks prior to the end of the quad). Reach out to the IDS Coordinator at for a copy of the application. Below are the instructions for the application process.

1. Complete and submit the application.

The following IDS application materials will help you identify your intended program of study, refine your purpose, and establish your eligibility for the program. Send all completed components of the application as email attachments to the IDS coordinator at

  • Academic Self-Assessment
    • Honestly and objectively reflect on the positive and negative traits listed, checking the box that best describes how strongly each trait currently applies to you.
  • Short Answer Questions
    • Provide specific, substantive answers, using up to three grammatically correct sentences for each of the 8 short answer questions.
  • Proposed Program of Study (POS)
    • Complete the IDS Proposed Program of Study Form.
    • Build your program of study by consulting the course catalog and meeting with a faculty member in each of your selected academic disciplines for advice and approval.
    • After meeting with each faculty member, ask them to sign the bottom of the form to indicate their approval.
  • Three Reflective Essays
    • To support the revision process, you are required to schedule a Writing Center consultation to help you revise your reflective essays. When you schedule the appointment, list Dr. Jeffry Davis as your instructor; he will receive a confirmation email after your appointment.

3. Submit the Information Release Form to the Registrar's office.

Complete and send the IDS Information Release Form to the Registrar's office at They will provide the IDS program with a copy of your transcript.

4. Interview with the IDS director.

After you've submitted the Information Release Form to the Registrar's office, schedule a thirty-minute interview with the IDS director by emailing the IDS program coordinator at