Application FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find several common questions and answers concerning the application process and the roles of faculty and staff in the IDS program. If you have any questions not answered on this page, please reach out to the program coordinator at


IDS Application FAQ

Applications are reviewed once per quad. To be eligible for review, submit your application by the second-to-last Friday of classes of the quad. (For the exact calendar date deadline in a given quad, contact the program coordinator at The IDS faculty committee will review applications during the final few weeks of each quad. 

Yes! If you are still eligible to apply for the IDS major, go ahead and submit your application. It will be processed during the next review cycle by the faculty committee, and you should hear back by the end of the quad.

If you submitted your application before the second-to-last Friday of classes this quad, you will hear back from the faculty committee at the end of the same quad.

Schedule a meeting with the program director to discuss your interests and determine if the IDS major is right for you! Email the program coordinator at to set up an appointment.

Who's Who FAQ

When you apply to the IDS major, you need to select coursework from 2 or 3 academic disciplinary areas. Each disciplinary area has a designated faculty liaison who plays a one-time role by providing counsel and approval for your selected coursework within their disciplinary field. As you craft your program of study, meet with the faculty liaison in each of your disciplinary areas to seek guidance about which courses to include. Each faculty liaison will indicate their approval of your selected courses by reviewing and signing your Proposed Program of Study form.

The IDS faculty committee consists of faculty members across multiple disciplines who, in concert with the program director, review applications to the IDS major and make decisions about program admissions.

The IDS program director serves as the academic advisor for all IDS majors, interviews candidates for the major, and provides guidance throughout the process. Furthermore, the program director teaches the IDS Senior Seminar course and oversees the final project process. 

The IDS program coordinator works with prospective and current IDS majors. If you have questions about program logistics, would like help with the application process, or are interested in learning more about the IDS program, please reach out at