HNGR Reading List

HNGR Reading List

God of the Empty-Handed - Christian

Christian takes a deep and well-researched look at global poverty from both Christian and non-Christian perspectives. He encourages the Church to confront the principalities and powers, and helps readers understand their own assumptions about poverty.

> Read in HNGR 484, Global Christian Perspective

Pedagogy of the Oppressed - Freire

Aware of the great power of education, Freire puts forward the concept of "Conscientizacao," by which he means education designed to empower and liberate the poor and oppressed. An excellent study of how the poor can bring about their own freedom.

Promises Not Kept: Poverty and the Betrayal of Third World Development - Isbister

Engages in the discussion of how American hegemony, the war on terror, and other developments in international politics affect the issues of world poverty.

Southern Exposure: International Development and the Global South in the Twenty-First Century - Thomas-Slayter

A concise, informative guide to the complex issues of international development and poverty. An honest, straightforward call to end global poverty, injustice, and economic oppression.

> Read in HNGR 112, Third World Issues

Walking with the Poor: Principles and Practices of Transformational Development - Myers

A thorough and thoughtful introduction to transformational development, and what exactly makes development Christian. The author effectively engages issues of theology and real Christian practice.

What They Taught Us: How Maryknoll Missioners Were Evangelized by the Poor - Heim, Editor

Maryknoll missioners from Asia, Africa, and Latin America tell of what they learned from people of deep faith and strength in the communities they were sent to . Arranged thematically, the stories demonstrate how mission is a "two-way street."