Wheaton College Scholarship Recipients

Wheaton College Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the scholarship recipients!

Amsler Pre-Med Scholarship Award

Portraits of 4 students

Recipients (left to right): Angel Lin, Tim Lindquist, Sophia Pena, and Harmony Zimmerman

Great Physician Scholarship Award

Recipients (left to right): Amy Keane and Angel Lin

Mesko Family Merit Scholarship Award

Recipient: Cole Bothun

McKenna Family Scholarship Award






Recipients (left to right): Levi Miedema and Harmony Zimmerman

Strohschein Scholarship Award





(left to right): Dane Bothun and Peyton Estes

Sugarbaker Scholarship Awards






Recipients (left to right): Elizabeth Ho, Evan Peace, and Elise O'Neil

Class of 1965 Global Health Internship Scholarship Award

Recipient: Jonathan Kim