Pre-Health Club

Pre-Health Club

Wheaton's Pre-Health Club connects students with ways to exercise practical service, minister in the health professions, and prepare for professional school and other scientific fields. We hope to glorify God by encouraging servant minds and leaving a lasting imprint— not only at Wheaton, but also in our greater community.

The Pre-Health Club offers students unique opportunities through our mentoring program, the ability to volunteer in meaningful contexts, and events each year designed to provide students with the resources and skills necessary to succeed in their chosen field of study.




Pre-Health Club (pictured left to right): Amy Keane - Vice President & Angel Lin - President

Recent volunteering sites for Wheaton students include:

  • Bolingbrook Christian Health Center: Has a rich history of both serving uninsured persons and allowing Wheaton students to serve under experienced healthcare providers.
  • Aurora Christian Healthcare: A free clinic and ministry in Aurora, IL that provides both dental, medical, and other forms of care free of charge to uninsured individuals.

Club Goals

  • Facilitate fellowship and support for members
  • Provide students with guidance and direction to resources
  • Provide opportunities for practical experience, ministry in the health professions, and preparation for professional school and other opportunities
  • Develop servant leaders that will positively impact the community
  • Please email Club with any questions about volunteering, mentoring, or to request more information about membership.