Volunteering-Outside Chicago Area

Volunteering Outside the Chicago Area

Camp Boggy Creek, near Orlando, FL

Enriching the lives of children with serious illnesses and their families. Summer volunteers are needed as counselors, medical support, and in the dining hall. See more >>

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Connecticut

Volunteer options range from being a part of the cheer zones on race day, clerical help in their New Haven office, assisting in set up and breakdown of pre- and post-event dinners and assisting in a number of ways at the camp cycling events. See more >>

MDA Summer Camp, Hudson, IL

The Muscular Dystrophy Association hosts a summer camp for children ages 6-17 who have been diagnosed with neuromuscular disease. There is a 1-1 ratio between volunteer and child. Volunteers assist with daily activities such as feeding, bathing and dressing, and in recreational activities such as arts and crafts, swimming and horseback riding. See more>>

National Alliance of Research Associates Programs

A listing of hospitals where students can serve as Research Associates. See more >>

Research Associates (RA) Program at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Connecticut

A chance for students to volunteer in the emergency department, assist in gathering information for research projects, and facilitating the completion of these projects. See more >>

Very Special Camps

A directory by state of camps and programs to minister to people with special needs. See more >>