Faculty Perspectives on WASTE

Professors from a number of different scientific disciplines are contributing to the WASTE effort.

Ray Lewis, Ph.D.While my role has been personally fulfilling, since I can contribute from my expertise in the biology of algae while learning new things about the algae that are useful in this kind of system, it has been even more fulfilling to work alongside and train students, who also have gained an interest in algae because of this project. And it has been even better to learn from them about applying these ideas to genuinely help solve sanitation problems in the Global South.
- Dr. Ray Lewis, Professor of Biology


Jeff Greenberg, Professor of Geology at Wheaton CollegeI was one of the faculty originally approached by Wheaton College Trustee, Mac Airhart, concerning a potential initiative. In particular, Mac sought input on whether we as faculty and undergrad students could undertake an experimental project testing a concept of waste-water treatment, based on the highly successful pattern of Dr. Jack Shaeffer.

Sheaffer's systems have wide service throughout more affluent populations globally. Jack and Mac agreed that those most needy among the World's poor have no access to these simple, appropriate technologies.

This combination of wonderful educational experiences for our students and the potential to improve human-environmental conditions has become a calling from God for me.
- Jeff Greenberg, Professor of Geology




Students talk about WASTE

Students who have worked on the WASTE project weigh in on their experiences.