WASTE: A Project With Global Implications

Water And Sewage Transformation Endeavor (WASTE) is a project that seeks to create a sustainable wastewater treatment system for the developing world.

Jacob Kvasnicka"The entire process of WASTE, from designing and running the experiments to seeking funds and making plans to move the project forward, has been the most valuable academic experience I’ve had during my time here at Wheaton.
–Jacob Kvasnicka, student

WASTE is a research project involving students, faculty, and experts from a variety of disciplines and academic departments—geology, environmental science, biology, engineering, and business-economics. We aim to address the need for improved sanitation in the developing world by designing a low-tech wastewater treatment system for implementation in the developing world, based on the work of Drs. Jack Sheaffer and Prakasam Tata, founders of the Center for Transformation of Waste Technology.