Careers and Ministry

An Enjoyable Challenge

A highlight for geology majors is a trip to the western U.S. as a culmination of their studies at Wheaton College. As the world accelerates into a demanding technological future, qualified individuals are needed to guide this progress with integrity. Geology is at the heart of many global concerns in such vital areas as energy, mineral and water resources, environmental protection and management, and land-use planning. Geologists, in increasing numbers, must be prepared to serve in all facets of the earth sciences.

The diverse features of the earth make the study of geology a fascinating and challenging pursuit. Towering mountains, deep ocean basins, massive flowing glaciers, explosive volcanoes, and vast deserts are all the subject of our quest to understand creation.

A Broadly Based Major

A liberal arts education in geology is both a desirable route to earth-science careers and good preparation for graduate school. However, students need not feel limited by their choice of major. Wheaton geology alumni attest to the flexibility of the liberal arts background while they praise the content of their degree program. A geology major learns critical thinking, problem solving skills, and an understanding of natural interactions. These are assets for people involved in all areas of life.

A Career Well Rewarded

Various national publications (for example, The Career Resource Digest of the National College Placement Association) list geoscience among the better fields of science employment opportunities especially when future job prospects are considered. Salaries for experienced geologists (including geophysicists and geological engineers) are near the top of the scales for science and technology.

A Design For Godly Service

Students should be assured that choosing geology as an enjoyable, employable major need not be selfish. For too long Christian young people have been steered away from a future in science. Of all interests, perhaps science has been seen as the least “spiritual.” In reality there will always be a tremendous need for Christian geoscientists to serve where biblical values are often lacking such as in science education or environmental stewardship.

Those who want to serve as missionaries should be aware that the Lord is increasingly making use of “tentmakers.” American geologists work in nations such as Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, and Turkey. In their service oriented jobs, scientists can have access to people unreachable by any traditional missionary. Christian geologists aid the improvement of people’s physical existence. Having earned credibility, they can share the good news of Christ’s grace.