Geology Alumnus

Andrew A. Kulpecz '02

Andrew Kulpecz 02 Wheaton College Geology AlumnusOne of the highlights of my educational experience was the time I spent in the" field" while at Wheaton College. The Geology Department does a fantastic job exposing earth science majors to the natural world, taking students to view geological systems across the Midwest, the Middle East (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon), and the broader globe (Belize, Israel, U.K.). The summer field geology course at the Wheaton Science Station in South Dakota's Black Hills was the perfect opportunity to solidify geologic concepts from the classroom in the natural laboratory of the majestic American west. 

Another strength of Wheaton was the small department size which enabled me to develop close mentoring relationships with passionate, world-class faculty members. These close relationships greatly enhanced my abilities as a geoscientist and fostered a level of technical maturity that equipped me well for subsequent academic research and doctoral studies. The Wheaton College Geology Department and its faculty laid a firm foundation that has allowed me to lead a successful career as a geoscientist and explorationist on exciting energy projects spanning Australasia, the Norwegian Arctic, North America, and West Africa.