Wheaton Faculty Involved in Environmental and Sustainability Activities

Dr. James Clark
Geology and Environmental Science
One of Dr. James Clark’s many sustainability related projects is developing and implementing appropriate technology geophysics techniques for the location of groundwater in developing countries.  He recently presented the paper “Affordable Geophysical Instruments for Use in Developing Nations” at the Geological Society of America.  

Dr. Christine Folch
Sociology and Anthropology
Dr. Christine Folch works with the politics of water and energy in Latin America.  She recently published  “Surveillance and State Violence in Stroessner's Paraguay: Itaipú Hydroelectric Dam, Archive of Terror.” American Anthropologist  115: 1, 44-57.  

Dr. Jeff Greenberg
Geology and Environmental Science
Dr. Jeff Greenberg is involved in various aspects of water and wastewater management in developing countries.  He recently convened and chaired a session at the Geological Society of America titled “Geosciences and International Development.”  

Dr. Chris Keil
Geology and Environmental Science
One of Dr. Chris Keil’s research areas is indoor air pollution research including cooking smoke exposures in developing countries.  He recently published Mass Balance Source Apportionment Modeling of Indoor Air Pollution Exposures During the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. Keil, C., Coleman, Q., Brown, A. and Kassa, H.  J Occup Environ Hyg  Jan 11(1):40-6, 2014.  

Dr. Paul Lee
Business and Economics Department
Dr. Paul Lee Recently published the paper “Sustainable Global Enterprise: Perspectives of Stuart Hart, Ans Kolk, Sanjay Sharma and Sandra Waddock.” (With Aarti Sharma, 2012)  Journal of Management Inquiry.  Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 161-178.  

Dr. Raymond Lewis
Dr. Raymond Lewis is collaborating in research on wastewater treatment using algae as an oxygen source for microbes that process the wastewater. Dr. Lewis also teaches courses in environment and sustainability such as Environmental Ethics, Economic Botany, and Plant Taxonomy. 

Dr. Doug Moo
Biblical and Theological Studies
Among Dr. Doug Moo’s many areas of Biblical scholarship is the New Testament basis for creation care.  He has written “Eschatology and Environmental Ethics: On the Importance of Biblical Theology to Creation Care” in Keeping God’s Earth: The Global Environment in Theological Perspective IVP 2010.  He is currently working on a new book on creation care with his son, Jonathan.  

Dr. Kristen Page
Human alteration of landscapes and land use patterns brings humans and wildlife into close contact.  Dr. Kristen Page researches animal – human disease transmission resulting from these patterns of development.  One of her recent publications is “Parasites and the Conservation of Small Populations: the Case of Baylisascaris Procyonis.” International Journal of Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife. 2:203-210.  

Dr. Sandra Richter
Biblical and Theological Studies
As a Professor of Old Testament Dr. Sandra Richter has written and spoken frequently about the interface between biblical theology and environmentalism.  She is the author of the forthcoming article “"Environmental Law: Wisdom from the Ancients" in the Bulletin for Biblical Research

Dr. Alan Seaman
Intercultural Studies
Dr. Alan Seaman has long been interested in environmental issues. His father served as a senior scientist for the U.S. Department of the Interior and was Director of Natural Resources for the U.S. Air Force, specializing in ecological research in both positions. He has integrated this heritage into his own work as an educator in international contexts.  He is the senior editor for Passport to Adventure an eight-level English as a foreign language textbook series used in schools throughout the world. With Sara Vroom (Education Department) he co-authored Explore, the highest level of the series, which features units on ecology and environmental issues and highlights the global work of Christian organizations such as A Rocha.  

Dr. Joel Sheesley
Dr. Joel Sheesley is a painter who pursues themes of the connections between humans and their cultural and physical environment.  He is currently working on the project “Landscape: A Knowable Mystery” which will combine his own paintings of Lincoln Marsh with social and natural sciences explorations of the marsh.  He recently exhibited a collection of works “Evidence on the Pavement” at the College of Lake County Robert T. Wright Community Gallery of Art. 

Dr. Noah Toly
Urban Studies
Dr. Noah Toly works connects urban and global environmental politics.  He recently published "‘Risk and Responsibility in Global Environmental Governance." Christian Scholars Review

Dr. Laura Yoder
Human Needs and Global Resources
Dr. Laura Yoder has long been involved in sustainability activities.  She recently published Meitzner Yoder, L.S., T.C. Hartzell, J.W. Schramm, and L.R. Zinn. 2013. "Building and Boarding a Bigger Boat Together: Learning about Sustainability Through Direct Encounters with Diverse People in Our Watershed." Journal of Sustainability Education