Green Operations at Wheaton College

Wheaton College is committed to sustainability on and off campus and has pursued environmental stewardship in the following ways:

Certifications And Recognition

Wheaton College has made sustainability and the stewardship of God’s creation a top priority by pursuing the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification for the Memorial Student Center renovation and the LEED Gold certification for the Meyer Science Center. The college was also included in the Princeton Review’s Guide to 268 Green Colleges published in 2010.

Facilities Services

In an effort to minimize its ecological footprint, Wheaton College facilities have implemented projects to reduce waste and increase recycling efficiency, conserve fossil fuels, limit the use of water, and transition to “green” chemical cleaners. Bon Appétit, the college’s premier dining service, is also working towards a sustainable future by sourcing organic and locally grown food and by partnering with students to make environmentally friendly choices that reduce food, water, and paper waste.

Staff  Stewardship

The staff at Wheaton College are committed to environmental sustainability and are taking steps to lead the evangelical Christian community towards better care of God’s creation. In the classroom and on campus, staff are also aiming to make their every day jobs as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Creation Care On Campus

Students at Wheaton College have been proactive in starting environmental groups and projects that advance environmental care on campus, in Chicago, and around the world. Whether it be the hosting of sustainability competitions, the coordinating of environmental conservation summits, ecological research, caring for college gardens, or other stewardship activities, students play an important role that models a Christian environmental ethic.