English Department Courses

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General Education Writing Courses:

ENGW 103: First-Year Writing

General Education Literature Courses:

ENGL 111: Studies in Western Literature (LE)
ENGL 112: Studies in Western Literature: Comedy and Tragedy (LE and VPAT)
ENGL 115: Topics in Modern Global Literature (LE)
ENGL 116: Reading and Culture (Vanguard) (LE and GP)
ENGL 121: Japanese Literature and Film (LE and GP)
ENGL 122: Speculative Fiction and Film (LE and GP)
ENGL 123: African and African Diasporic Literature (LE and GP)
ENGL 124: Mixed-Race Identity in Modern Literature (LE and DUS)
ENGL 125: Holocaust Literature (LE and GP)
ENGL 131: Introduction to the Inklings

Required Core Courses for All Concentrations:

ENGL 155: Reading Writers: Introduction to Literary Studies (LE)
or ENGL 156: Reading Writers: Introduction to Literary Studies: Shakespeare (LE)
or: any 100-level ENGL course with an LE tag
ENGL 215: Literary Traditions through Time: Classical and Early British (LE)
ENGL 221: Contemporary Literary Conversations (LE)
ENGL 494: Senior Seminar (Literature and Teaching Concentrations)
ENGW 494: Senior Seminar (Writing Concentration)

Historical Context Courses:

Pre-18th century
ENGL 329: Old English Language and Literature
ENGL 331: Medieval Literature (LE and PI)
ENGL 336: English Renaissance
ENGL 337: Seventeenth-Century Literature
18th and 19th centuries
ENGL 338: American Literature: Realism to Modernism
ENGL 341: American Literature after 1945
ENGL 352: The Romantic Period
ENGL 355: Victorian Literature
ENGL 361: British Modernism: 1900 - 1939
 20th and 21st centuries
ENGL 342: American Modernism/Global Modernism
ENGL 343: American Literature after 1945
ENGL 344: Diverse Traditions in 20th-Century American Literature (DUS)
ENGL 364: British Modernism: 1900-1939
ENGL 365: British Literature after 1939
ENGL 366: British Black and Asian Literature
ENGL 367: Postcolonial Literature
ENGL 371: Modern European Literature

Deeper Focus Courses:

ENGL 421: Studies in Literary Genre
ENGL 422: Romance
ENGL 423: World Drama
ENGL 424: Science Fiction (2)
ENGL 425: Fairy Tales (2)
ENGL 426: Children's Literature
ENGL 427: Young Adult Literature
ENGL 428: Magical Realist Literature and Film
ENGL 431: Christianity and Fantasy (LE)
ENGL 415: The Archeology of Texts: Bibliographical Investigation
ENGL 433: Varied Literary Topics (2 or 4 Credits)
ENGL 434: Modern Literary Theory (PI)
ENGL 435: History of Literary Criticism
ENGL 442: History of the English Language
ENGL 443: Literature of the Bible (LE)
ENGL 444: Christianity and Crime (LE)
ENGL 445: Literature and Place
ENGL 446: Advanced Research and Writing
ENGW 471: Teaching Writing
ENGL 388: Jane Austen in Her Time and Ours (LE and GP)
ENGL 461: Selected Authors (2 credits)
ENGL 462: Selected Authors (4 credits)
ENGL 463: Shakespeare
ENGL 469: C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien (LE)
ENGL 471: Emily Dickinson
ENGL 472: Herman Melville
ENGL 473: Louisa May Alcott
ENGL 474: T.S. Eliot
ENGL 475: William Carlos Williams and Wallace Stevens
ENGL 476: Zora Neal Hurston and Langston Hughes
ENGL 477: Flannery O'Connor
ENGL 478: James Baldwin 
ENGL 481: Cormac McCarthy
ENGL 482: David Foster Wallace
ENGL 483: Achebe and Adichie
ENGL 485: Studies in Wade Center/Special Collections Authors (2 Credits)
ENGL 486: Studies in Wade Center/Special Collections Authors (4 Credits)

Additional Literature Courses:

ENGL 495: Independent Study
ENGL 496: Literature Internship
ENGL 499: Honors Thesis

Writing Courses

Foundational Courses
ENGW 213: Creative Writing (LE)
ENGW 214: Rhetorical Writing
Upper-Level Writing Courses
ENGW 332: Creative Non-Fiction
ENGW 333: Writing for Social Change
ENGW 335: Poetry Writing
ENGW 336: Fiction Writing
ENGW 471: Teaching Writing

Special Topics (ENGW 444) may include the following: Memoir, Writing Longer Narrative Forms, Travel Writing, Writing about Culture, Non-fiction for Publication, Novel Writing, Flash Fiction, or Lyric

Writing Projects (ENGW 495)

Writing Internship (ENGW 496)

English Education Courses

ENG 324: Methods of Teaching High School English
ENG 325: Methods of Teaching Middle School English
ENGL 429: Literacy Assessment