Wheaton College Engineering Lab

Wheaton College Engineering Lab

About the Lab

The Wheaton College Engineering Lab, located in the Meyer Science Center, is a dedicated, flexible design lab with state-of-the-art prototyping equipment exclusively for engineering student use. The lab gives students the space and resources to design, prototype, and build a variety of projects. The floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls in the lab often display sketches and ideas from brainstorming sessions. The layout of workbenches, furniture and classroom displays are fully configurable to meet the needs of different project teams. Each engineering course includes hands-on project work that utilizes the tools and equipment in the lab.

"Wheaton's project-based engineering curriculum is preparing my classmates and I to be successful engineers by letting us apply our classroom knowledge to physical projects. Through projects, we develop both our problem-solving skills and teamwork skills. The engineering program’s emphasis on group projects has taught us how to be effective team members while letting us gain valuable hands-on experience in the Engineering Lab." – Rylee Norris '22

Wheaton College IL Engineering Lab
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Learn more about our 3D printers, laser cutter, hand tools, CNC Router, CNC Mill, Electronics, Welding, and more!

Wheaton College IL Engineering Students with Projects
Engineering Student Projects

See some of the kinds of projects you'll have an opportunity to work on as an Engineering student at Wheaton.