Consortium Programs

The Communication Department supports two programs sponsored by the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU):

Washington Journalism Center

ConsortionThe Washington Journalism Center is a semester-long study program in Washington, D.C., created for students interested in the field of journalism. While in Washington students take classes focusing on their personal writing skills and on the history and future of the media. These classes, Foundations for Media Involvement; Reporting in Washington; and Washington, News and Public Discourse combined with an internship at a top news publication help students learn to integrate their faith in a journalism career. Students also participate in service learning opportunities as part of the WJC experience. Students earn 16 semester hours of credit. Students live in the Dellenback Center in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Los Angeles Film Studies Center

consortionFounded in 1991, the Los Angeles Film Studies Center trains students to serve in various aspects of the film industry with professional skill and Christian integrity. The curriculum consists of two required seminars, Hollywood Production Workshop and Theology in Hollywood, focusing on the role of film in culture and the relationship of faith to work in this very influential industry.

In addition, students choose one elective course from a variety of offerings in film studies. Internships in various segments of the film industry provide students with hands-on experience. The combination of the internship and seminars allows students to explore the film industry within a Christian context and from a liberal arts perspective.

Nashville Contemporary Music Center

The Nashville Contemporary Music Center is a semester long program in Nashville TN, which exists to give students experience on     the front lines of the music industry.  Classes are available are structured in three distinct tracks; artist, business and technical, accompanied by a core of classes in faith, music, culture, and the practical aspects of the music industry.  Students will earn 16 semester hours of credit. The first ten weeks include visits to a publishing house, a modern recording studio and a sound stage, as well as meetings with a working songwriter, producer, engineer and music arranger to make students intimately familiar with the real music making process.  After these ten weeks of on-site preparation, students go on tour with the music they create. 

For more information about the Washington Journalism Center, Los Angeles Film Studies Center, or Nashville Contemporary Music Center programs, please visit BestSemester.Com.

consortionThe Communication Department also supports Act One: Writing For Hollywood, a four-week, intensive summer film and TV writing course, taught by professionals. Sessions take place in Nashville, TN and Hollywood, CA. For more information, please visit ActOneProgram.Com.