Past Exhibits


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Hold Your Breath

Joonhee Park

Adams Hall: Walford Galleries
Nov 3 – Dec 9, 2022


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Nonword and Upward Juried Student Exhibition

Adams Hall: Walford Galleries
Jan 12–30, 2023

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Brenton Good, Mandy Cano Villalobos, Marissa Voytenko

Feb 9 – Mar 4, 2022


 Leslie Iwai Winter's Spring Banner

Winter's Spring: an Ältere Garten

Leslie Iwai

Jan 10 – Feb 2, 2022

What We Do in the Shadows

Alyssa Smith, Cherith Lundin, HwaHyun Kim, Kaye Lee Patton, Leah Samuelson, Maya Shoshani, SoYoung Park
Curated by Kaye Lee Patton

November 22nd – December 16th


Wait. Repeat

Krista Brand and David JP Hooker

September 29th – October 26th


Stranger Fruit

Jon Henry

August 25th – September 23rd

State of the DysUnion II

Joyce Yu-Jean Lee

September 30th – October 29th, 2020

VIDEO: State of the DysUnion II Gallery Walkthrough


On Building and Rebuilding

Kelly Kristin Jones

August 26th – September 17th, 2020

Night Desert Garden

Matt Doll

December 12th - January 31st 2020


Blood and Milk

Joonhee Elliot Park

October 3rd - November 1st



Kenneth Steinbach

August 29th - September 26th

How the Light Gets In

Cherith Lundin

January 8th - February 9th


Original Blessing

Greg Halvorsen Schreck

August 29th - September 28th


Art of Protest / Art of Dreams

January 8th - February 9th


Elicia Castle

January 9th - February 9th


Close Contact

Marina Kuchinski

August 21st - September 15th



Stephen Signa-Avilés

August 21st - September 15th 


Land Gap Junction  

Leah Samuelson

October 19th - November 17th  


Boats and Bridges 

Marissa Voytenko

November 20th - December 23rd

Made in Chicago

Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics - Group Show

January 8th - February 11th


Floorplans, Models, Souvenirs 

Work by the Weaving Mill

August 22nd - September 23rd



David JP Hooker and Joel Sheesley

November 11th - December 21st

The House We ___

Will Carpenter

January 7th - February 12th


Master Printer: Artist and Collaborator

Timothy Sheesley

August 17th - September 24th


Braids & Nails

Sarah Beth Woods

October 12th - November 6th


Bodies in a River - Tracing the Moments of an Iconic Mission

Brad Johnson

November 11th - December 16th 

Group Show

Cherith Lundin, Elizabeth R. Curtis, Emily Schroeder Willis

January 13th - February 14th


Ordinary Objects for Ordinary Time: Porcelain Sculpture

Ginger Henry Geyer

August 25th - September 26th


Cola Culture in Tea Time

WangLing Chou

August 25th - September 26th


Uncommon Ground 

Joel Sheesley

November 11th - December 18th


Berhampore to Kolkata

Greg Halvorsen Schreck

November 11th - December 18th

Figurative Paintings, 1980 - 2012

Douglas R. Giebel

August 22nd - October 3rd



Bee in Hand

Jeremy Botts

November - December 

On the Fly

Judith Raphael

January 25th - February 29th


Self Portrait / Personal Apocalypse

Joel Sheesley

May 9th - June 8th


The Unreality of Objects

David JP Hooker

August - September


Italian Light

Douglas R. Gilbert

October - November


Caught on Tape

Susanna Vagt

November 8th - December 20th

Exposed: undercover

Maggie Meiners

October 20th - November 22nd


Charis: Boundary Crossings

Group Show

August 22nd - September 23rd