Applied Health Science Overview

Our majors enter a variety of careers from research in human health and movement sciences, public health sectors, medicine and allied health fields, human performance, fitness and wellness, nutrition, etc.


The Bachelor of Applied Health Science is designed to prepare students, within a Christian liberal arts context, for professional health care careers. 

Educational Objectives

  • To best train and develop students who are interested in pursuing a human health-related career.
  • The curriculum is designed to allow students flexibility to plan a course of study that best suits the students professional and occupational needs.
  • The major is intended primarily for students who wish to pursue advanced degrees and/or careers in the professional fields of medicine, nursing, physical therapy, physician assistant, occupational therapy, and graduate school education in areas of the health sciences or basic research.
  • Students completing this degree will also be competitive for entry-level careers in general health sciences, scientific/medical research and fitness/health promotion.
  • To mentor students in research and discovery projects as part of their education.
  • To help students develop a healthy lifestyle so they can enjoy one of God’s principal creations - the human body - to the fullest.

Post-graduate Career Paths

  • Our graduates pursue a variety of career trajectories, including but not limited to vocations such as physicians, nurses, Physician Assistants, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Dentists, Public Health advocates, Biomedical researchers and fitness professionals.