Anthropology, Sociology, and Urban Studies Department Activities

Happy Hour

Faculty and students gather twice a month on Thursday afternoons at 3:06pm in the Ivan J. Fahs seminar room (Blanchard 273) for root beer and popcorn. This bimonthly gathering gives the students and faculty opportunities to interact informally and build relationships. Each Spring the department hosts a special Happy Hour for our outgoing HNGR interns, during which the interns tell about their internship plans. Periodically throughout the year, Happy Hour hosts special Sociology and Anthropology guests, giving students a chance to interact informally with symposium speakers and other guests.

Senior Brunch

On the Saturday morning before commencement, the departmental faculty provides a brunch for the graduating seniors and their families. This event is an opportunity to celebrate the graduation of the students and meet their parents and family.

Year-End Picnic

Each spring the department sponsors a year-end picnic for department majors to celebrate the conclusion of the year.

Spring Advising Get-Together  

At least once a year, the department sponsors a Spring Advising Get-together where the faculty in the department introduce themselves, the courses in the department are presented, and critical information about scheduling and new courses is provided.

Movie Night

Occasionally, the department sponsors a 'movie night' to involve students informally with faculty and other students and to build community and apply sociological and anthropological concepts to popular culture. In these sessions, a popular video is shown, and then a member of the faculty leads a discussion about it. Refreshments and informal conversation provide an opportunity for students to interact with faculty and other students.

Departmental Chapels

Once every semester, the Sociology & Anthropology department has its own chapel service for its majors. This format gives the departmental faculty and majors an opportunity to worship together and an opportunity for the students to plan their own chapel service. Speakers are usually students who have had some unique experience (summer, HNGR internship, or other internship) that has enriched their faith.