About Us

What is the Wheaton Network Initiative on Gender, Development and Christianity? 

The Wheaton Network Initiative on Gender, Development and Christianity provides a unique place to support and convene practitioners, church leaders, and scholars engaged in development with a gender lens. Nineteen development related groups have been involved to date with the initiative, alongside representatives in several various denominations.

As an initiative supported by Global Programs and Studies at Wheaton College, this initiative fills the much-needed gap that exists around supporting advocacy efforts in gender and development as well as supporting the leaders engaged in such work.

This initiative complements the theological, organizational, and academic resources offered around gender and development at Wheaton College.  This includes the work of Wheaton’s Gender Studies certificate program, one of the few Christian college programs devoted to studies of gender issues; the Human Needs and Global Resources program, with its development curriculum and global partners; and the Humanitarian Disaster Institute, which offers a faith-based response to disasters and provides leadership development.

Building on each of these programs, the Wheaton Network Initiative establishes creates a much-needed hub and ‘go-to’ place for resources around gender and development; supports the work of Christian practitioners in churches and parachurch organizations around the globe; and contributes to a research agenda around gender and development related issues.

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