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Billy Graham Museum Exhibits

Your Visit

A visit to the Billy Graham Center Museum begins in the sacred arts gallery and enjoying two to four different exhibits per season. As you journey through the Museum, your first stop will be in the Rotunda of Witnesses, which houses nine stunning tapestries depicting great witnesses for the Gospel.

From here, you'll proceed to the History of Evangelism in America section, where you will see a rich array of historical images and artifacts that the museum has collected over the years. At the end of this section, you'll encounter one of the loveliest and most fascinating presentations of the birth, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus in the  Cross of the Millennium. From here, you'll enter a major section of the Museum which highlights the Life and Ministry of Billy Graham.

As you leave the Billy Graham display, you'll encounter a powerful depiction of the needs of our world and be challenged to personal evangelism. A final theater presentation in this section captures the highlights of crusades from around the world.

The last leg of your journey through the Museum takes you on a Walk through the Gospel, with a stirring three dimensional presentation of the Christian message.

A small chapel greets you as you end your tour.

John Wycliffe - Rotunda of Witnesses

Christ's deeds and examples are commandments of what we should do.