Transferring Credits

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Incoming Students

Incoming students should have all transcripts sent to the Admissions Office at or to Admissions, Wheaton College, 501 College Ave, Wheaton, IL 60187. You will need to reach out to the school or institution that awarded credit and have the official report come from that school or institution directly to Wheaton College. We cannot accept transcripts from students or third parties as official score reports.

Students bringing AP Credit should login to the College Board website and be sure score reports were sent to Wheaton College (Code 1905). Please be sure reports are going to Wheaton College in Illinois.

Students with International Baccalaureate credit should request to send transcripts to Wheaton College (IL) after results are released. Information on how to request and send transcripts for International Baccalaureate can be found on their website.

Students with Cambridge Exams will need to provide the Centre Number, Candidate Number, and Series (month and year of exam) for each Cambridge Exam. You can send this is an email to

For more information about our policies for transfer credit, please see the Course Catalog under the Academic Policies Section. Please note that Wheaton College accepts a maximum of 40 dual enrolled credits from high school. 

Transfer Credit by Testing Information

Information about Dual Enrollment

In general terms, most introductory dual enrollment courses taken for college credit will transfer, with the exception of:

  • Wellness/Fitness for Life/Sport Activity
  • College Algebra/Trigonometry
  • Music lessons
  • Vocational courses

All credits accepted for transfer will still go toward the total hours needed to graduate, even if not meeting a specific requirement. Wheaton College has a transfer cap of 40 hours earned from all sources (AP, IB, SAT II, Dual Enrollment, etc.) prior to high school graduation. A maximum of 4 categories in the Thematic Core can be met by transfer credit. Transfer credit will not be accepted for any Shared Core requirements.

Transfer Course Guidelines



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