Announcing a New Four-Year General Engineering Major

November 28, 2022

Fifty years after Wheaton College first established its successful 3-2 dual degree engineering program, the Department of Physics and Engineering now offers a full four-year engineering major in addition to the 3-2 degree.

Wheaton College IL Four-Year Engineering Major

Incoming Wheaton students enrolling in the fall of 2023 can choose to declare their four-year major in general engineering, with a concentration in mechanical engineering. Other concentrations are currently in development. Additionally, current first-year students in the 3-2 engineering program have the option of switching to the four-year major.

The new pathway is designed for students who are looking for a four-year, general engineering program that uniquely integrates scientific and technical training with the Christian liberal arts. The four-year major sets students up for success by developing the collaborative, problem-solving, technical, and critical thinking skills that are valued by graduate schools and industry employers.

“We are excited to introduce the four-year general engineering program that embraces the heart of Wheaton’s liberal arts education, ‘Christ at the Core,’ and builds upon 50 years of dual-degree engineering at the College,” said Provost Karen An-hwei Lee. “To address the multifaceted issues in our world today, engineers not only need robust, technical coursework that emphasizes real-world integration, but also a strong, integrative foundation in the Christian liberal arts. At Wheaton, our students are able to receive both.”

With all classes taught by Wheaton faculty in a wide range of specialties, students can earn a B.S. degree in 75 credits in engineering, math, and science, all while participating in Wheaton’s Christ-centered, residential campus community. The four-year curriculum features courses such as: Innovative Design in Engineering, Materials Science, Fluid Mechanics, and Senior Design I and II.

In addition to the new major, the Department of Physics and Engineering will continue offering a 3-2 dual engineering degree option. In this existing major, students learn from Wheaton faculty for three years, earning either a B.A. or B.S. in Liberal Arts - Engineering. Students then go on to attend the ABET-accredited engineering program of their choice. At the end of their five years of education, they’ll receive two bachelor’s degrees: one from Wheaton and one from a partner school.

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—Eliana Chow