Apply to Wheaton College (Ill.) With the Common Application Starting in 2017-2018

June 4, 2017

Starting this fall, prospective undergraduate students applying to Wheaton College will be able to do so through the Common Application, an online platform and college planning website used by more than 2 million students, teachers, and counselors in the United States and around the world. More than 700 colleges will accept the Common Application this fall.

“Research shows that students nationwide are willing to apply to more colleges, but that the time-consuming process of completing a whole new application can be a barrier,” says Director of Undergraduate Admissions Shawn Wynne. “Our own applicants have requested we join the Common Application, and we are pleased to do so, reducing the amount of repeated work required by applicants.”

Wynne says other potential benefits of adopting the platform include increasing awareness of Wheaton College and easy accessibility for recommenders to complete their portion of the application process.

Wheaton College’s application will be customized to include the same faith-based questions and Wheaton hallmarks as its traditional institutional application. The College will continue to offer the institutional application through its own portal for prospective students.

Both applications—the traditional application and the Common Application—will be available to prospective applicants August 1st.

For more than 40 years, The Common Application has played a leading role in the college admission process. By becoming a Common Application member, Wheaton College can reach and engage students within the Common Application platform.

In addition to simplifying the process of submitting an application, the Common Application provides students and counselors with access to 24/7/365 support, financial aid and scholarship opportunities, and the ability to sign up for a free virtual mentor.

Students can create a Common Application account or download the Common App onTrack mobile app now to start exploring the application. Counselors can use Common App Ready, a flexible advising tool, to introduce students and families to the college planning and application processes. To learn more about the Common Application, visit

More information about undergraduate admissions at Wheaton College is available at To refer a student to Wheaton, visit