#myHoneyRock: Passage is Just Around the Corner!

July 1, 2017

So, Passage is less that one month away and we’re here to bring calm to your mind and hopefully make some things a little bit more concrete as you anticipate what might now seem like a swirling mass of unknowns.

Alright, first, this is Passage, which means it is also a class through which you will earn college credit. This means that having your coursework completed before you arrive is actually important, not only for your character development and spiritual formation, but for getting a good start on your whole college experience. Your professors will expect it, and you should too.

Next, you will get the opportunity to enjoy a tech-free environment during Passage regardless of the track you are pursuing. Time and again we discover that taking time to put down screens opens us up to the opportunity of being present, and being present helps us grow in love, character, and relationship. This means so many wonderful things that you will undoubtedly discover during your time here. It also means you can take advantage of the USPS! Because if you write or receive a letter, nobody is going to need to delete it to free up storage.

How about the weather, you ask? Perfectly pleasant. The sun gets hot in the afternoons, making the lake extra attractive (we have canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards that you will be able to use). We’ll get an occasional thunderstorm, too, if you’re into those. And the nights can tend to get cool as well, so if you’re into stargazing, or want a shot at seeing the Northern Lights (it seriously happens), a jacket is great to have.

Lastly, you’ll be living in community in the context of group style housing. This is such a great environment for getting to know your cohort as you do life with them through your Passage experience! Practically speaking, this means bunk beds during your time at HoneyRock and in the city (for Urban track students). Sleeping bags are great for bunk beds, but twin sheets and blankets also work just fine.

We’re so excited for you to be here, and we hope and believe that amidst the whirlwind of this transition that God will meet all of your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. See you soon!