#myHoneyRock: Work at HoneyRock!

January 2, 2017

Do you love working outdoors?

Ever thought of pursuing a graduate degree in adventure ministry but not sure how you would pay for it?

A permanent, full-time position has recently opened for our full-time Adventure Ministries Program Manager. This role works as part of our program team by providing leadership to adventure ministries and the wilderness component of , HoneyRock’s flagship college orientation program. This position is located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Its primary functions include managing the summer adventure ministry program, co-leading the Wheaton Passage program, supervising high school adventure programs, course instruction, leading our Wheaton-based adventure trip program, developing college partnerships, participating as a program team member, facilitating wilderness tripping and our trip locker, managing Challenge Course programming, and administrative planning and coordination.

HoneyRock, Wheaton College's outdoor center for leadership development

HoneyRock currently has 7 Graduate Assistant (GA) positions open for hire. These positions are part-time and responsible for coordinating a program area of HoneyRock, under the direction of a Program Manager. The GA positions are designed to prepare exceptional leaders for the Christian outdoor, adventure, and camp ministry movements. This is accomplished by giving these individuals the context for integrating their coursework with real life ministry as part of the HoneyRock staff. Individuals in these graduate assistantships are enrolled in the , are expected to integrate their learning with their program leadership responsibilities, are fully immersed in the HoneyRock community, and are mentored along the way by a professional in the field. It is our goal to give them enough of a stipend that it covers the cost of tuition. These positions involve 3 summers and 2 school years of ministry and learning. The first summer GAs are an assistant to the outgoing GA. This is followed by a school year taking courses, a summer running their program, a second school year finishing the degree, and final summer training their replacement. It is our desire to help place these individuals in ministry in the US or abroad with a HoneyRock partner upon completion of the 28-month experience.

For more information on these roles or to apply, visit Wheaton College’s .