#myHoneyRock: HoneyRock Fellows- Find Your Calling

October 21, 2016

Being a fellow at HoneyRock wasn’t even on my radar until the end of an amazing growing summer in 2015 when I was on activities staff. I had just graduated from college and was headed to Europe for a few months after HoneyRock with no real plan afterwards.

At a dinner, someone brought it up and I began to imagine what it would be like to live at camp for the rest of the year after coming back from Europe. After thinking and praying about it for a bit I decided to apply for the fellowship position.

I was interviewed and offered the position before I left HoneyRock, and it was a whirlwind of changes and decisions but it felt right to say yes, knowing what I would be coming back to. I had a community of people, a job, some really great experiences and some challenges waiting for me upon my return to HoneyRock, some of which would be rediscovering a love for winter, struggling with culture shock, dealing with illness, and forming close friendships in community.

As one of the program fellows, I worked to manage schedules and people, which was so fulfilling and fun and yet had its challenges. I got to lead excursions and people in prayer as well as help put together one of the Wheaton Passage programs. How many people can say they went canoeing on a frozen river or cross-country skiing for work on any given day? So cool!

I graduated with a degree in nutrition, but my plans to pursue a career in nutrition fell through. During my time at HoneyRock I played with ideas of pursuing nutrition further or working at other camps but eventually landed on entering the nonprofit world in communications and social media. Being a fellow helped give me the space and time to learn about what my gifts are and how they can best be utilized in this next season. I learned to lean into the Lord’s timing and plans rather than my own.

I also learned so much about community living and that it’s not always easy, but it’s always good, just as the following the Lord is not always easy but it’s always good. He is always good and will be good, no matter the circumstance or situation.

HoneyRock will always be a special place as it was my home for 10 months, and a place where I grew and learned and made memories. I will carry the lessons I learned about God, myself, others and vocation into this next season of life with gratitude.