#myHoneyRock: Oatmeal Bake Revisited

May 24, 2016

Every summer, people have asked for our Oatmeal Bake Recipe. One way to start a lively breakfast discussion is to debate whether Oatmeal Bake really is the best breakfast or not. Like chocolate covered cherries - you either love it or well ... you don't love it. Some people have even commented that at first they didn't love it and now they do! Anyway, eat it plain, top it with applesauce, vanilla or plain yogurt or maybe a combination of all three. However you eat it, Oatmeal Bake is guaranteed to bring back your favorite HoneyRock camp memories.

To feed everyone at camp we'll make anywhere between 12-14 oatmeal bakes. Depending on age and size of the cabin, a little more than one casserole can feed about eight hungry Res campers and their two counselors.  Assuming you won't be using the three gallons of oatmeal and 48 eggs needed to bake 12-14 oatmeal bakes, we've cut down our recipe to one Oatmeal Bake.

The things you'll need are pretty basic: two bowls, a mixer, measuring cups/spoons, casserole dish (9x11?), cooking spray.


How to Prepare:

Any way you have it, Oatmeal Bake is the best!

~republished from Sarah Davis's HoneyRock blog post