Beamer Center

Welcome to the Todd M. Beamer Center

The Todd M. Beamer Center is the “family room” of the College. It's no wonder. Students come throughout the day and night to grab a coffee at Sam's, meet friends, study, play, hear live music, check their mailbox, get a bite at The Stupe, check out an art exhibit or take some time out for prayer and reflection in the Gold Star Chapel or Kingdom Prayer Room.

As the crossroads of student life on campus, students experience meaningful ways to connect and grow right where they live in a caring, encouraging, service-oriented environment where both serious fun and serious growth prevail. Centrally located on campus, the Beamer Center also houses the offices of many student services and organizations.


The Beamer Center encompasses Anderson Commons (the campus dining Hall built in 1988 located on the main floor), Coray Alumni Gym (built in 1941) and the new Student Center located on the lower level.

In 2003 the building was renovated and named in honor of Wheaton graduate, Todd M. Beamer, class of 1991. He died along with others on board United Airlines flight 93, while preventing terrorists from destroying a target in our nation's capital. His last words, “Are you ready guys? Let's roll!” inspired our country toward courage and resolve. After 9/11 Todd's wife, Lisa, also a Wheaton grad, became a voice of hope and grace in her testimony to God's faithfulness.