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Student Engagement

Student Engagement inspires students to get involved in high-impact, active learning experiences to develop the whole student, build community, and cultivate kingdom citizenship.

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Steve Ivester, Ph.D.

Dean For Student Engagement

B.M. Wheaton College, 1993
M.A. Wheaton College, 2003
Ph.D. Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, 2013

Through his own educational experience as an undergraduate at Wheaton, Steve can attest that God used others, including faculty, mentors, and friends in powerful ways in the process of his own growth – it was nothing short of transforming for his faith and his worldview. As Dean for Student Engagement, he is committed to educating and equipping college students through relational ministry, program advising, and leadership development experiences that develop students’ identity, skills, knowledge, and attitudes to engage an increasingly interconnected world, to encounter Jesus Christ throughout all aspects of their life, and to graciously share their growth and faith in Christ with others.

Steve is an active member of College Church in Wheaton where he serves as an elder, a devoted sailor, an adventurous downhill skier, and an enthusiastic fan of Van Morrison’s music. The lyrics of Avalon Sunset and No Guru No Method are a few of his favorite that ring through his head on any given day.

Beamer Student Center 061, Student Activities Office

Barb Nussbaum

Student Engagement Program Coordinator

B.A. Wheaton College, 1988

Coordinating multiple projects on behalf of Student Engagement, Barb especially enjoys working with students to plan large programs like Orientation Week and Sr. Banquet.  She advises the student media team, manages logistics of the student leadership week at HoneyRock, and supports the work of Steve Ivester, Dean for Student Engagement. 

As an undergrad at Wheaton, Barb served in Residence Life as an RA and as an Admissions intern.  After college, she worked in Admissions, Student Activities, and educational enrichment programming to round out her college personnel experience before returning to Wheaton in 2008. The most rewarding part of her current role is working with student leaders and providing a greenhouse for them to gain valuable leadership experience. 

Beamer Student Center, Student Activities Office


Steve Gaskin

Intercultural Arts Associate

B.A. Indiana University Bloomington, 2008                                                                       

M.A. Wheaton College, 2018

Finishing his masters program at Wheaton College, in addition to a two-year commitment as a Graduate Resident - Orientation Committee Advisor (2016-2018), Stevener now serves under the supervision of the Dean of Student Engagement as the Intercultural Arts Associate. His desire is to give leadership, biblical vision, and strategic direction for student coordinated performances, events, and media, all while fostering cultural diversity and racial unity across campus. There is a level of excitement Stevener has when it comes to creating content and planning activities that empower people, provoke thought, and promote Jesus all at the same time!

He believes that he exist to show people there’s so much more, by using the arts to communicate an eternal message of love, hope, and redemption. As a passionate, god-fearing, fun-loving, reckless dreamer that believes anything is possible, Stevener hopes to share his experiences with all those he encounters.

Beamer Student Center, Student Activities Office

Anne Hillstrom

Graduate Resident Assistant


Beamer Student Center, Student Activities Office

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