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Discipleship Ministries

Discipleship Ministries exists to cultivate lifelong followers of Jesus Christ through small groups where students are known, loved, and engage in spiritual practices centered on the Gospel.

Discipleship Ministries is comprised of Discipleship Small Groups (DSG), Strongholds, and Family Groups.

Every DM group is marked by 7 pillars, which define each gathering:

  1. Engage Scripture (Open and Read the Bible)
  2. Pray for One Another
  3. Apply the Gospel
  4. Listen in Love
  5. Promote Vulnerability (Confess Sin and Share Struggle)
  6. Uphold and Celebrate Kingdom Diversity
  7. Meet Consistently

The goal for each group is to foster what matters most in life: understanding of the Bible, honesty, prayer, accountability, ministry to others, support, spiritual growth, encouragement, and friendship. All discipleship groups span throughout the course of a year, however, we encourage students who enter or transfer into Wheaton mid-year or return from being away to stop by the Chaplain's Office to inquire about small groups they can join.

DM is overseen by the Ministry Associate for Discipleship for the Chaplain's office.

Types of Discipleship Ministry Group Involvement

DSG (Discipleship Small Groups)

Each student-led group consists of 4-6 members. There are two types of groups: underclass and upperclass.

If you are a freshman or sophomore and living in one of the dormitories (Smith-Traber, Fischer, Williston, or McManis-Evans) you can sign up on your floors at the beginning of the year. Underclass students participate in floor-based small groups led by fellow students in their respective dorms.

Upperclass groups consist of juniors and seniors and are usually self-led, with some being graduate student, staff, or faculty led. If you are an upperclass student, you can reach out to the DSG Chair at DSG@my.wheaton.edu or Ray Chang in the Chaplain's Office or gather a group of friends to form a group and contact the Chaplain's Office for resources, training, and support.

Below are the various levels of undergraduate student involvement:

  Participant    Leader   Coach   Cabinet   Chair  
Freshman X        
Sophomore  X X      
Junior X X X X  
Senior X X X X X


Strongholds groups are designed for students who are interested in overcoming issues of sexual sin and shame in their lives. Students enter into safe spaces where group members encourage one another in a community that promotes transparency and honesty. Students tackle specific sexual sins they have committed or sins that have been committed against them and the shame associated with them. For most, this is the first time they experience the freedom of bringing into the light things they have kept in the dark. Reach out to strongholds@my.wheaton.edu or stop by the Chaplain's Office with questions.


Family Groups

Family Groups is the culturally Asian and Asian-American small group ministry on campus. It operates in partnership with Koinonia, the Asian-American fellowship on campus based in the Chaplain's Office. Family Groups are spaces where Asian and Non-Asian students can commune and fellowship with one another, grow in the awareness of what it means to be Asian, and discover how God uses different cultures to build His Kingdom. Students who participate in Family Groups can expect to experience an intimate community, fellowship around meals, prayer, and conversations around the Scriptures. Attend Koinonia's first Large Group or reach out to familygroups@my.wheaton.edu if you're interested in joining.