Chaplain's Journal

News, Encouragement, and Stories from the Chaplain's Office

Angulus WilsonSpiritual formation is foundational to every student’s experience here at Wheaton College and for life after graduation. Wheaton has a legacy of leaders, chaplains, and staff who exemplify spiritual journeys that are grounded in the truth and grace of the Gospel. Being rooted in the Gospel is integral to our Christ-centered liberal arts education and our evangelical witness. The Chaplain’s Office is a central part of this formation and champions life with God together through small groups, corporate worship, and other types of spiritual care.

The 2024-25 Edition of the Chaplain's Journal


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The Wheaton College Office of the Chaplain exists to cultivate an environment in which faculty, staff, and students learn to love Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.


Our vision is to serve Jesus Christ and advance His Kingdom through excellence in worship arts and discipleship ministries.

To pray is to accept that we are and always will be wholly dependent on God for everything.

Tim Keller