Praying the Right Way: Jesus' Intercession for His Disciples


In John 17:6-19, we are granted a unique glimpse into a profound moment in the life of Jesus Christ. It is a moment of deep spiritual dialogue between the Son and the Father, where Jesus prays for himself, his disciples, and future believers. This prayer is particularly significant because it takes place just before the disciples are about to face unprecedented trials and tribulations. As we delve into this passage, we discover valuable insights into how to approach life's challenges, develop a prayerful mindset, and find joy and strength even in the face of adversity.

Embracing Trials as God's Plan

As Jesus stands on the threshold of the cross, he understands the impending danger and stress that lie ahead. Despite the daunting trials, he recognizes the opportunity for God's glory to be revealed through them. In this, we learn the first lesson: to embrace the trials of life as events orchestrated by the hand of God. Jesus teaches us that even in the most challenging circumstances, we can find purpose and meaning when we trust in God's plan.

Developing the Right Mindset in Prayer

Jesus demonstrates the importance of having the right mindset in prayer as he intercedes for his disciples. He teaches us that a disciple is someone who receives God's word, believes in it, and acknowledges the divine origin of Jesus. Furthermore, he emphasizes the significance of understanding who Jesus is, which is crucial to our theological and spiritual growth. Therefore, we learn the second lesson: to develop the right mindset in prayer by focusing on receiving, believing, and living by God's word.

Giving Praise in the Midst of Challenges

Jesus acknowledges that the world will hate his disciples because they do not belong to the world, just as he does not. Despite the hostility and opposition they will face, he does not pray for their removal from the world but for their protection from the evil one.

Here, we discover the third lesson: to maintain a spirit of praise and worship regardless of our circumstances. We are called to stand as distinct witnesses to God's truth, just as Jesus did, even when the world opposes us.

Prayer as Preparation for Suffering

Prayer, Jesus teaches, is the preparation needed to endure suffering. He sanctifies himself for the sake of his disciples' sanctification by God's truth. This act of sanctification is a powerful reminder of our purpose in the world: to be set apart for special use by God. The fourth lesson we learn is that prayer equips us to face suffering and fulfill our mission as ambassadors of God's truth.


In John 17:6-19, Jesus offers a profound model of prayer and intercession. He prays for his disciples' protection, sanctification, and unity in the face of imminent trials. As believers, we can draw invaluable lessons from this prayer:

Ultimately, Jesus' prayer serves as a timeless example of how to pray the right way, drawing us closer to God and empowering us to navigate life's challenges with faith and resilience.