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New Year's Resolutions at Wheaton

Tags: My Wheaton

I have only been back for three days, and already I have noticed the increased traffic at the Sports and Recreation Complex, a busier salad bar, and more resistance in responding to late-night bowling invites. Read More

Wheaton College at #Urbana15

Tags: My Wheaton

We were all challenged to live our lives in light of God’s global mission, telling the story of Jesus in our diverse contexts. Read More

Discovering Financial Aid

Tags: My Wheaton | Financial Aid

If it were not for financial aid, I would not have been able to complete my Wheaton College experience, and a hard time in my life would have been made much worse. Read More

Wheaton Shark Tank Winner: Flourish

Tags: Student Activities | My Wheaton

I've dreamed of designing dresses that are made sustainably for years, especially as I become more aware of the horrific labor practices used in the fashion industry. Read More

Wheaton Swimming: Success Within Community

Tags: Athletics | My Wheaton

Through the highs and lows of swimming and college life, my teammates and I have continually supported each other, and I cannot imagine my college experience without them. Read More

My HNGR Experience in Nicaragua

Tags: Internship | The Liberal Arts | Student Activities | My Wheaton | Global and Experiential Learning

I have wanted to do HNGR since I first heard about it as a junior in high school and met with former director Dr. Paul Robinson to learn more about the program. Read More

My Own Indiana Jones Trip

Tags: My Wheaton | Global and Experiential Learning

I’ve learned that you never know where God is going to take you, so have faith, trust in Him, and have fun seeing how His plan for you unfolds! Read More

BreakAway: Learning to Serve

Tags: Student Activities | My Wheaton

BreakAway reminded me I only need to bring a humble and willing heart and allow Christ to work through me. Read More

Building a Loving Community Through Gospel Music

Tags: Student Activities | My Wheaton

My experiences with Gospel Choir have challenged my approach to teamwork, expanded my social networks, opened up the city of Chicago to me, and have made me feel like I’m a part of Wheaton College. Read More

Maritime Meditations

Tags: My Wheaton | Global and Experiential Learning

There was comfort in the exploration of tide pools, in hearing the waves break onto the shore, and in the feeling of beach grunge hair. Read More