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Posted July 20, 2016 by
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Global Urban Perspectives: Denver 

This summer, I am taking part in Wheaton’s Global Urban Perspectives program in Denver. In this program, students take on an internship and class for two months. My internship assignment is with the Restoration Outreach Program in Aurora, Colorado. Their mission statement is to meet needs, build relationships, and restore lives through Christ on East Colfax (street). Those who live in the area are usually refugees, single mothers, or the homeless. They are all from different religions, races, and ethnicities.  

At Restoration, I do a bit of everything. I help pack lunches for day camp, I tutor those striving to earn their GED degree, I help to prepare and count food in our food bank, and I provide times of prayer with visitors. On top of that, my main supervisor gives us lectures here and there about the missions field in Aurora. She has given us a first-hand account of how God has formed their ministry and provided for each member. In the future, I want to do something in the cross-cultural research field, so being able to be part of the East Colfax community is amazing! 

It took about a year’s worth of preparation before our group of GUP participants left campus to serve in Denver for the summer. Our preparation consisted of weekly meetings that ranged from professors speaking about mass incarceration to guest speakers who have experience in missions work to an awesome weekend retreat in Chicago. We also did lots of fundraising, community service, and group dynamic work. Most of us participating in GUP - Denver have different internship sites and have been expected to be as independent as possible, be it seeking transportation or buying groceries. Some people even pay for rent. It’s a great way to prepare for life after college! 

I chose to participate in the GUP program primarily because I wanted to physically serve somewhere outside of Illinois. I have a health condition that prevents me from doing a lot of physical tasks, but lately I have been doing better than usual. So, I wanted to give that strength back to God! GUP was the best way for me to do that. 

It is week eight in Denver for me now, and we have already gotten lost on the bus system, explored the mountains, met goats, and learned a ton! A highlight of my experience has been when my mom flew in as a surprise and I got to show her my internship site and my amazing friends. As part of GUP - Denver, I have been most excited to meet new people and just listen to their stories. You gain so much from that. 

Iliana Rivera ’17 is a senior studying psychology. She is currently participating in Wheaton’s Global Urban Perspectives program in Denver. Photo captions (from top): GUP students at class in Denver, CO (Iliana in row 1, far left); on a hike at the top of Mt. Evans in Idaho Springs, CO.