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Posted August 4, 2015 by
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HoneyRock: Wheaton in the Northwoods

During my time at HoneyRock, while taking a philosophy class with Dr. Fletcher, I learned to fully immerse myself in my community. In two short weeks, I learned a lot of things—here are three of them: 

I found that removing technology from my daily routine allowed more space for God to show up in my relationships with others. Spending more time in the outdoors canoeing, hiking, and around bonfires and less time on my phone meant more opportunities for real relationships to grow. Through many different activities, I created lasting memories with my classmates and friends. Whether it was mountain biking after a rainstorm, laughing on the ski boat, shooting a gun for the first time, or playing soccer in the pouring rain, I will always remember the adventures I had and the people that experienced them with me.

HoneyRock provides a unique place for group learning. My philosophy class taught me to learn in the context of community. To set the tone before class started, our class participated in team-building activities for an afternoon. Although group projects have not always been my forte, working closely with my classmates on projects further developed my understanding of philosophy by examining issues through others’ point of view. HoneyRock became a place where I could discover far more from others than I could from simply reading a textbook.

My appreciation for God’s creation grew through HoneyRock’s pristine Northwoods setting. I have always loved nature, and watching a bald eagle soar over our group as Dr. Fletcher wrapped up our last class together was nothing short of amazing. Lying in my canoe watching an incomprehensible number of twinkling stars and the soft moonlight resting on Long Lake reminded me how great our God is. There is no better place to work on philosophy than hanging in a hammock the next tree over from a friend while overlooking a picturesque view of the lake. HoneyRock has become “a place apart” for me where I have seen and experienced God through His people and through His creation.

Katie Mann ’18 is a sophomore applied health science major who participated in Wheaton in the Northwoods, a summer study program at HoneyRock: Wheaton College’s Center for Outdoor Leadership Development. Share your summer Wheaton experiences using the hashtag #MyWheaton.