Intercultural Arts and Media Staff

Steve Gaskin

Director of Intercultural Arts & Media



Stevener completed his masters program in Biblical Studies at Wheaton College, while also serving as a Graduate Resident - Orientation Committee Advisor (2016-2018). Upon graduating, he served as an Intercultural Arts Associate from 2018-2021, launching Storytelling Project and Studio 1:27 as a means to reflect the image of God, through the stories of students on campus. In the summer of 2021,  Stevener assumed the role of Director of Intercultural Arts & Media, a new department under the auspice of Student Engagement, providing support and advising to College Union, Storytelling Project, and Media Team. 

His desire is to give leadership, biblical vision, and strategic direction for student-coordinated performances, events, and media, all while fostering cultural diversity, inclusion, and racial unity across campus. There is a level of excitement Stevener has when it comes to creating initiatives that empowers student leaders and provokes collaborative experiences, all while producing fun and meaningful moments that leave impactful impressions for a lifetime.

Stevener uses the arts to communicate an eternal message of love, hope, and redemption by keeping the gospel of Jesus Christ first and foremost in all he does. As a passionate, God-fearing, fun-loving, reckless dreamer that believes anything is possible. Stevener hopes to share his experiences with all those he encounters.

He is sincerely grateful and honored to have the privilege of being married to his beautiful wife Dominique Gaskin, as they share in parenting their two energetic children, August Kingsley & Stori Saraiya Reign.

B.A. Indiana University Bloomington, 2008

M.A. Wheaton College, 2018