College Union

Through intentional programming, we get to see our campus community unified through play and celebration!

College Union exists to serve the Lord by connecting our Wheaton community through fun events! The vision of this student-led team is to pursue unity within the Wheaton College community by inviting students into spaces designed for inclusive play, creative expression, and memorable experiences. During the school year, CU plans annual campus traditions like Talent Show, Air Jam, and President's Ball. Throughout each semester, College Union host several Coffeehouse's where students share their gifts and talents, as well as overseeing concerts featuring major recording artists. In addition, CU collaborates with other campus departments to provide programming for Orientation Week, Alumni Weekend, and Family Weekend. 

The Board is comprised of 14 positions that are responsible for various areas.  These include President, Business Manager, Concert Manager, Audio/Visual Technician, Graphic Designer, Public Relations, Student Music Coordinator, Student Art Coordinator, And Event Coordinators.

2024-2025 College Union President Application due Wednesday, February 14th.
2024-2025 College Union Board Application due Wednesday, February 28th.

To produce high-caliber events, it takes prayer, teamwork, and commitment.  Our hope is to provide hospitable spaces where all students at Wheaton College feel welcomed to create fun memories and celebrate within the fellowship of our campus community.