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Invite a New Family to HoneyRock!

A new-to-HoneyRock family is someone who comes from a family who has never sent a child to a HoneyRock camper program before.

From now until May 15, we're offering to fill your Beehive camp store account with $30 if you can find a new-to-HoneyRock friend to sign up for camp with you! We can't leave your friend out so we'll fill their Beehive account with money, too!

ProgramYou GetYour Friend Gets
Any Overnight Program $30 $30

Invite a Friend FAQs

In your Registration Dashboard, you'll find a section titled "Invite a Family".

Anytime before May 15, you can update this section with the families you have invited to summer camp.

It's important to note: we don't send the family an invitation, that's up to you! By including their name and (parent's) email in the form you're enabling us to give the Beehive credit.

Yes! You will then become the "inviter" and can invite as many new-to-HoneyRock families as you'd like. For every new family you invite (and attends a 2022 program) you'll both get $30 added to your Beehive. 

This offer is for campers of new families. This means a younger sibling wouldn't be included in the invite a friend offer. Make sure to check out our financial assistance page to learn about scholarship opportunities.

Your friend must attend a summer 2022 program for you to receive the $30 Beehive credit. If, for some reason, they decide not to or cannot attend, the Beehive credit will be removed.

To be included in the Invite a Family offer, the inviter and the invitee must make their deposits by May 15th.

You can invite as many families as you want! You'll receive $30 for each family you invite if they attend a 2022 summer program and each of your friends will receive $30. 

For example: You invite two new-to-HoneyRock families and they both attend a 2022 overnight program - you will receive $60 to the Beehive and your friends will each receive $30. 

Yes! Log into your account, select your camper's registration for this upcoming summer and scroll down to the section titled Invite a Family. Answer the questions and we'll fill your Beehive if the friend(s) attend. Make sure to remind the friend to do the same!





60 Seconds of HoneyRock!

Helpful Information for New-to-HoneyRock Families

While the biggest help to a new-to-camp parent is you (and your camper!) sharing your own experiences, we've provided some helpful information and links below!

Share Some Stats from HoneyRock

While your experience is the most important to share, you can loop in what other camper parents think, too. When asked how their campers grew at HoneyRock, here’s what last summer’s parents said:

  • 93% grew in connecting God’s Word with their daily lives
  • 100% grew in personal character
  • 99% grew in engagement with daily activities and events
  • 96% grew in their desire to serve others
  • 100% grew in a willingness to face challenges

How do we know this? Every summer we conduct a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of our summer camp programming. This includes surveying camper parents, summer staff, and our professional team. Summer camp programming at HoneyRock, while grounded in our unchanging core values, is refined year after year to meet the needs of campers and their parents.

Share Photos of HoneyRock

We've created a short "tour" of HoneyRock so that you can share some of your favorite spots and activities. Where do you find it? Click the button below!

Check Out the Camper Life Page 


For Parents: Share a Guide from HoneyRock

While we have new campers in every program at HoneyRock, there are two programs that see the highest number: Intro-Res Camp and Advance Camp. We've created two guides for parents who might be interested in those programs. Check them out below!