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CODA Grant Support

Grants Help CODA Thrive

CODA classes are offered at no cost to students in qualifying school districts and community settings. However, CODA is not cost free. Without the generous grant support of donors, nearly over 400 students would lack the present and ongoing weekly benefit of music instruction.

The benefits of artistic instruction for students (and by extension their families and communities) are well documented and include optimal brain function, perseverance, responsibility, strengthened memory, improved math and science skills and healthy social connections. Increased competency in so many areas, leads to heightened potential, and in many cases, an opportunity to give back to the community.

It is impossible to assign a monetary value to an arts education, however generous funding is needed in order to maintain the CODA Program. We are humbly grateful for those individuals and foundations who support CODA and we encourage others to consider a gift of any size. Early and ongoing music instruction can be instrumental in changing the trajectory of a life.

Our sincere thanks to foundations providing grants


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