CSA offers two distinctive approaches to instrument instruction, the Suzuki method and Preparatory (traditional) method

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Suzuki Method

The Suzuki method is based on the philosophy that every child has the potential to reach a high level of musicianship, and the learning process corresponds to the way a child assimilates language—through listening, imitation and practice. Students begin between the ages of 4-6. CSA’s comprehensive Suzuki program is nationally recognized, with 15 instructors and 400 students. CSA offers Suzuki instruction on piano, violin, viola, cello and guitar. 

Preparatory (traditional) Method

The Preparatory method of instruction emphasizes note-reading, excellent technique and self-expression. Students may begin at age 6, through adult. CSA’s Preparatory program provides music lessons with a traditional approach to over 150 students. CSA offers Preparatory instruction on piano, violin, viola, cello and guitar. 



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