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Suzuki and Traditional Music Classes

From Early Childhood Music to private lessons

CSA's music program begins with Early Childhood Music and progresses toward private lessons. 

Young female child playing the violin with teacher

As a student progress through the program, they have the opportunity to explore Suzuki Little Stars (Semi-Private Lessons) or Music Makers: At the Keyboard (Group Lessons) prior to Private Instruction.

  • CSA's comprehensive, multi-age Early Childhood Music program develops aural skills, motor coordination and self control while instilling a lifelong love of music
  • Suzuki Little Stars (Semi-Private Lessons) introduces the Suzuki Instruction method through sing-backs, body percussion, listening, observing and imitating
  • Music Makers: At the Keyboard provides a musical foundation for private study on any instrument

Beethoven's Buddies facilitates cognitive and emotional growth for students with developmental delays.

Performing Ensembles provide opportunities for beginning to advanced students to develop visual and aural music literacy through our sequential curriculum of Reading Orchestras and Theory followed by advancement into CSA's Chamber Program.