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Community Outreach for Developing Artists (CODA)

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Since its inception in 2006, CODA’s mission has been to seek out and give artistic access to  underexposed talents in our community who might not otherwise have the opportunity to develop their creative abilities.

One of the primary ways in which Community School of the Arts (CSA) serves the local community is through our Community Outreach for Developing Artists (CODA) program. CODA currently provides no cost music instruction to nearly 1000 students in DuPage County in 9 locations.  All the communities that we serve reflect student populations of over 60% low income and over 60% Hispanic, Black, Asian and Multi-racial ethnicity, per Illinois Report Cards. 

Currently, three programs are offered by CODA: 

  • Early Childhood Music classes
  • Suzuki Violin
  • Suzuki Recorder

Goals of CODA

  • Provide a window of opportunity for young, under-served students to experience the arts and become more culturally aware 
  • Assist students with limited-English proficiency through music classes 
  • Make available high-quality music lessons to students with demonstrated ability 
  • Contribute to improved student academic achievement through disciplined musical training 
  • Play a strong role in character building and enhanced emotional well-being
  • Support area school bands and orchestras by offering long-term instrument training 

CODA Instructors

  • Early Childhood – Janine Bacon, Kathy Cathey, Ann Storm, Joyce Anne Wilder 
  • Suzuki Violin – Carol Ourada, Coordinator, Lisa Hirschmugl, Grace Walker, Emily Puntuzs, Violin Administrator 
  • Suzuki Recorder – Janine Bacon 


Questions can be directed to CODA@wheaton.edu.

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