Cabinet Conversations - President Philip Ryken and Dr. Greg Waybright

May 2022 Update

Watch the entire video, or hover your cursor on the orange dot bookmarks and click to view a particular topic or question. Timestamps are also indicated below. 


  • 0:55 - How did you end up at Wheaton College as Interim Chaplain?
  • 2:07 - What surprised Dr. Waybright the most about working with Wheaton students and what are some observations he can share about our students?
  • 4:06 - How is the Chaplain's Office thinking about spiritual formation for Wheaton College students in this season?
  • 7:34 - What's one thing you're looking forward to regarding plans for Chapel next fall?
  • 9:42 - What have you observed about how students have engaged with the local church in the last two years?
  • 13:37 - How are young people are affected by the political and spiritual fragmentation of Evangelicalism?
  • 17:57 - Why does Wheaton feel a need for a Sexual and Gender Identity Institute, and how does it fit into the established course of Wheaton's biblical narrative?
  • 21:15 - Please explain more about the John Stott lecture by Dr. Jayachitra Lalitha.
  • 23:35 - How has the decline of the stock market impacted the College's endowment?
  • 25:08 - Please discuss how the variety of Christian traditions is expressed through worship practices in Chapel.
  • 28:55 - Why is there not more diversity of worship style in Wheaton's commencement and baccalaureate services? 
  • 31:51 - As you leave the role of Chaplain, what are some of the key items on your prayer list for Wheaton College and how should supporters be praying?