Cabinet Conversations - President Philip Ryken and Dr. Karen Lee

April 2022 Update

Watch the entire video, or hover your cursor on the orange dot bookmarks and click to view a particular topic or question. Timestamps are also indicated below. 


  • 3:12 - What are some of Wheaton's practices to ensure that faculty and staff truly believe what is in the statement of faith?
  • 6:04 - What does a professor mean when he says students must "see the Bible through the eyes of the black man"?
  • 7:42 - How does Wheaton think about the role of adjunct professors and ensure they are ready to teach in the Wheaton College classroom? 
  • 10:12 - Other than the Bible, are there any texts that have been part of a Wheaton education since its founding? 
  • 11:29 - Questions about approach to Critical Race Theory 
  • 16:17 - How is the Wheaton College endowment doing?
  • 17:33 - Does Wheaton teach evolution?
  • 19:05 - Please comment on the spiritual growth of the student body this year.
  • 21:11 - What is Wheaton's selection criteria for faculty and students?
  • 22:21 - Are there any gaps in our counseling services for the student body?
  • 25:17 - Is Wheaton falling a bit behind other CCIW schools in athletics?
  • 27:06 - What should a student or parent do if they have concerns about content experienced in the classroom?
  • 27:58 - What is the status of the ROTC program at Wheaton?
  • 28:43 - Please discuss transgender concerns as it relates to sports and housing.
  • 29:49 - How do faculty think about their academic reputations? 
  • 33:14 - What is the status of the search for a new chaplain?
  • 33:34 - What are Wheaton's stats for applications and acceptances for the coming year?
  • 33:55 - Please address rising acceptance rates for Wheaton College? 
  • 34:38 - Is Wheaton going to offer more undergraduate course options via distance learning or hybrid option?